Data Storage Cloud IT Services

Accessing all your files anytime and anywhere offers a new kind of convenience. Fortunately, cloud-based services provide a secure, reliable, and incredibly efficient method to innovate your business.

Cloud Consulting

Without a secure way to keep data safe, a business could easily fall victim to security threats, suffer from data loss, and experience costly downtime.

Cloud Migration Services

Seventy per cent of businesses within the financial sector have not yet fully migrated to the cloud. They are still only in the initial phase of the migration process.

Cloud Computing for Business

The future of small and medium business technology that will save you money and increase efficiency.

E-mail Solutions In the Cloud

Exchange can give your company many powerful tools. By implementing these tools, your organisation can significantly improve the productivity of your staff.

Your Server, In the Cloud

The cloud is everywhere. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer in the form of server and infrastructure hosting.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Today’s workers need more from their computing platforms. They need them to be consistent and redundant and, most importantly, available from wherever they are.

Move Your Company's Hardware to the Cloud

With all information technology professionals searching for ways to help their organisations reduce capital spending and improve efficiency.

Cloud Backup, Security, and File Sharing- Protecting your Business in the Cloud

The proliferation of dynamic cloud solutions can be a major benefit for your business.

Get Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform & Infrastructure for your Business

Integrate the services and applications you depend on with a scalable cloud platform.

Cloud Hosted VoIP

The traditional business telephone solution is showing its age. Due to the Internet and online technologies like the cloud, organisations are finding it difficult to justify keeping a traditional phone line for their communications solutions.

Amazon Web Services

As a member of the AWS Partner Network, Wolfe Systems IT makes custom-purpose, enterprise-level cloud solutions available to Western Australia businesses.

Data Warehousing

Wolfe Systems IT technicians work hard to protect our clients’ data. Our tried-and-true practices and expert technical knowledge have kept the data of several Western Australia businesses safe and secure.