Cloud Consulting

Without a secure way to keep data safe, a business could easily fall victim to security threats, suffer from data loss, and experience costly downtime. Cloud consulting services are available to ensure that these consequences don’t happen. Apart from security, cloud strategy consulting can go a long way in supporting a business environment.

It also fills management gaps like the absence of an in-house IT department. For cloud computing solutions, turn to Wolfe Systems today.

Cloud Consulting

We provide cloud strategy consulting

Our cloud computing consulting services are designed to help organisations make the right technology-related decisions on anything that involves the cloud. We have experts with in-depth knowledge of various cloud solutions to give businesses advice on the right setup that will work best for them. Whether it has something to do with optimisation to prevent unnecessary expenditures and needs for reimplementation, we can provide strategies tailored for every business’s unique requirements.

Backed with several years of expertise in cloud and optimisation, our consulting services ensure optimised costs of cloud migration and development and monthly cloud costs. We check your cloud’s performance, stability, and security and suggest ways to improve them. At Wolfe Systems, we’ll guide you through a proven process to not only maximise your ROI but also accelerate your time to value.

We can help streamline applications and processes.

There’s a huge opportunity available with the cloud to streamline applications and processes to reduce the costs and hassle associated with maintaining them. We manage cloud migration projects for organisations to rationalise the applications they need to run their business and streamline their processes. With our cloud consulting services, we can help remove redundant or non-critical business applications and ensure smooth operations.

Our team has technical know-how of redundancy, fault tolerance, failover, business continuity and disaster recovery. We want you to take advantage of having a backup system and alternative method for accessing your applications and data when something goes wrong, so we are here to provide you with cloud computing solutions. With the cloud modelled to your business’s specific needs, we can measure downtime in seconds or minutes when things go wrong and ensure that your application is up and running all the time.

We’re here to secure your business.

The rising number and severity of data breaches have alarmed consumers and businesses in recent times. That’s why we emphasise the importance of security for every CIO. Do note that businesses that accept credit cards and take confidential information from their customers are required to meet compliance standards.

The cloud ensures that security and compliance measures are all in place. Wolfe Systems is here to help you develop a roadmap to understand the benefits of having your data protected against security threats and downtime.


We know businesses have burning questions about our cloud computing consulting services. We’ll try to answer your queries on the cloud and its functions here.

Cloud Consulting: What is It?

The cloud has proven itself useful in the business and technology world. With cloud computing, organisations are able to address their data and technology challenges. However, the cloud has also brought about some other challenges, like choosing the right solution on the market.

Cloud consulting addresses this complexity by helping businesses select the right solutions.

What does a cloud consultant do?

A cloud consultant has varied roles and responsibilities. They’re primarily responsible for designing, implementing, migrating, or maintaining cloud applications, processes, or computing systems for an organisation. They also manage software installations and hardware configurations as well as customisation to fit the business’ needs

What is a shared and private cloud?

Public or shared cloud is cloud computing that is delivered via the internet. As its name suggests, it is shared across organisations. Private cloud, on the other hand, is cloud computing that is exclusively for one organisation.

Wolfe Systems: Providing Cloud Consulting Services

Leverage your business with smart cloud computing solutions. Let us create a roadmap for your business and understand the most suitable cloud solution. Connect with us to get started with your cloud computing plan.