Managed IT Security Services

With technology, modern-day businesses are becoming more efficient than ever before. They can generate valuable insights through data and use them to improve their processes. Here at Wolfe Systems, we understand that a company’s networks are among its most valuable assets, and they should be given the utmost care and attention when it comes to upkeep.

In addition to IT infrastructure management and digital transformation consultancy, we also specialise in providing security-as-a-service to all our clients. We make it our mission to help protect businesses from security threats. As a trusted managed IT security services provider, we have a network of security experts who can respond to attacks as they happen.

Managed IT Security Services

We provide a variety of security services

At Wolfe Systems, we offer a comprehensive variety of managed security services. Our cybersecurity monitoring and management solutions may include virus and spam blocking, virtual private network or VPN, intrusion detection, and firewalls management. We also handle matters involving system changes, modifications, and upgrades.

Our managed IT security services also include providing security recommendations and some level of continuous security. When it comes to continuous security monitoring, threat intelligence and assessments, inclusion management, vulnerability risk assessment, video surveillance and access control, we always deliver nothing short of efficiency and excellence. Since our business was established, we have helped various companies and organisations in developing policies and tools to protect their IT infrastructure.

What We Offer

Our security solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to protect a company’s data and networks from security threats and introduce efficiency into their daily processes. Striving to be the go-to managed security service provider, we tailor the following solutions for businesses so they can save money on equipment and software tools:

Managed Security Monitoring

This service involves the regular day-to-day monitoring of user logins, permission changes, and other security events in an organisation. Our managed security monitoring solution also includes the investigation of system events throughout shared networks.

Compliance Monitoring

Here, we check an organisation’s compliance with policies and procedures for data security, performing regular scans of security devices and infrastructure. Our team will then use the scan results to determine if any changes need to be made to the existing security infrastructure. This service aims to help an organisation prove that it complies with a variety of rules and regulations that govern electronic data storage and transmission.

On-site Consulting

Our managed IT security services also include doing a detailed security assessment of a company’s network. With on-site consulting, we can help a business identify potential and real-world vulnerabilities. We find the security holes and help the company fix them.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

These are the methods we use to test the security of an organisation, including its information and technology assets. With penetration testing, our team of security experts try to break into computer systems to uncover vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit. In order to hack into a company’s computers or networks, we use the same tools and techniques that hackers often use.

Through a simulated attack, we can assess how well a company or organisation defends itself against a real attack. We then translate the results of the simulated attack into a valuable report that will help the business decide on the security policies and tools it needs to implement.

Perimeter Management of Networks

Perimeter refers to the conceptual line that separates an organisation’s internal assets from the public ones, which is what our team also tests for network security. We always put huge emphasis on checking the existing perimeter to see if it can protect itself from outside attack. We ensure that the organisation’s network perimeter is satisfactory and all the devices within it are well-protected against external threats.

Our team of experts tests the perimeter if it is able to limit access to sensitive data. We look into its capabilities of controlling who and what can get into the company’s network, and suggest solutions to strengthen it if we spot any inefficiencies.


To give our clients an overview of our managed security solutions, we have gathered the following questions:

How does managed IT security services work?

A managed security service provider provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems within an organisation. These services come in various forms, such as intrusion detection, managed firewall, virtual private network, anti-virus services, and vulnerability scanning. At Wolfe Systems, we use high-availability security centres to provide 24/7 services.

What are the different types of security services?

Managed security services can range from risk assessments and gap analysis to policy development and risk management. The following are the different types of services that businesses may need to strengthen their security systems.

  • Configuration management;
  • Management of security systems;
  • Reporting, auditing, and compliance;
  • Security updates;
  • Solution implementation;
  • Solution scoping;
  • Solution/tool research and requisition

Protect Your Business from Security Threats

Strengthen your business IT infrastructure with managed IT security services from Wolfe Systems. Consult our team and learn more about our security solutions.