Juniper Networks Products and Equipment

For some time now, Juniper has been a top technology choice. It was originally founded to compete directly against Cisco and now has a long-standing rivalry with the industry giant. Although it is likely to displace Cisco, it has made steady gains in the marketplace as the brand that provides a viable routing, switching, and security alternative to Cisco.

Here at Wolfe Systems, we carry Juniper Networks products both for users and networking professionals. From the product and performance perspective, there are great advantages to using Juniper Network equipment and products.

Top of the line products

Juniper Networks software and products focus on providing top of the line solutions for routing, switching, and security. Known for their speed and throughput, these products avoid the feature overload that may tend to slow them down. Compared to Cisco’s feature-rich IOS, Juniper operating is much more modular and robust.

Juniper Networks products don’t necessarily bring down the entire network node. They should make both users and professionals sleep easier at night. When it comes to smart solutions for routing, switching, and security, turn to the Juniper Networks service provided by Wolfe Systems.

Juniper Networks Products and Equipment

Exceptional value

With the Juniper Network equipment we carry, we can satisfy the core networking needs of most service providers and enterprise customers. These products and equipment are engineered for high data throughput, with an optimal design for enterprise customers and ISP networks. With custom chips called ASICs or Application-Specific Integrated Circuits, these solutions are optimal for fast data transfer without relying on general-purpose chips and software.

Take advantage of great performance at a price point that is superior to Cisco equivalents. Get Juniper Networks products here at Wolfe Systems.

Open architecture

There’s no need to worry about being locked into the vendor’s proprietary architectures. Based on the same architecture as the Junos operating system, Juniper products are designed from the ground up and have a more open approach. This Junos OS is a modular system based on the UNIX-like open-source FreeBSD. When combined with a market approach, it results in wide-ranging interoperability with other vendor switches.

The OpenFlow open networking standard has also been adopted as the basis for Juniper’s software-defined networking initiatives. This is why Juniper Networks has a highly automatable infrastructure. It’s easy to build admin and management extensions for Juniper as its operating system is API-driven.


Cisco’s size may be bigger than Juniper’s, but Juniper Networks has a history of focusing its development attention on routing, switching, and security. While they cannot apply the same level of engineering resources to a broad range of research topics, Juniper Network engineers applied their resources to areas like remote office support, software-defined networks, and network virtualisation.

Juniper Networks has the agility to stay at the leading edge, even though it’s a fraction of its competitor’s size. Stay agile with the Juniper Network service from Wolfe Systems.

Genuine commitment to networking

Juniper Networks is focused solely on making better business networking, and this shows in the products they offer. When moving into virtual and cloud environments, Juniper Networks has got the right solutions. Juniper Networks products available in the market are specifically designed for businesses looking to get away from older copper wire products.

Choose Juniper Networks products provided by Wolfe Systems. With modular design for simple inter-operability across the same system, the Juniper products we carry are guaranteed to connect networks in various organisations. We bring greater flexibility to small and mid-sized businesses with top of the line Juniper Networks software. Stay agile with the Juniper Network service from Wolfe Systems.

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